Understanding Alphawave IP

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Our technology services a critical need

Globally, we are faced with an exponential growth of data.

Alphawave IP builds industry-leading wired connectivity solutions that enable data to travel faster, more reliably, and with higher performance at lower power.

Our technology is embedded in leading-edge semiconductors built to power global network and computer systems. It is an essential part of the core infrastructure enabling next generation services in data centres, artificial intelligence, 5G wireless infrastructure, data networking, autonomous vehicles, and solid-state storage.


Our Business Model

We do not make chips, we design semiconductor IP that our customers can integrate into their own chips.

Hyperscalers, semiconductor vendors, and OEMs all  have semiconductors that need bleeding-edge, high-speed connectivity and we are one of the only providers that can provide this technology.

We constitute a key component of the value chain creating semiconductor IP that forms a critical building block in semiconductor design.

Technology licensing model

Our customers pay a license fee to license products from us, whether for single use, multiple use or on a subscription basis. A customer’s fee arrangement typically includes:


  • Licensing fee
  • Support and maintenance
  • Non-recurring engineering fees (NRE)
  • Royalties: diverse and bespoke arrangements with payment levels typically tied to the customer’s chip production.
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Our Strategy

We will build on our strengths to capture a disproportionate share and grow the global wired connectivity IP market. The strategies we will use to achieve this are:

  • Continue to enhance key technological expertise and maintain our 112G leadership while extending technology leadership to 224G and beyond.
  • Broaden our product portfolio across high-growth end-markets and applications, using our common configurable technology platform.
  • Expand from single IP blocks to licensing full connectivity solutions and potentially full chiplet products.
  • Continue to execute our land-and-expand strategy with existing customers, leveraging the configurability of our wired connectivity IP solutions.
  • Expand our global operational footprint, including expansion of UK design team